Pub 10 2020-2021 Issue1


Website Requirements in the State of Utah

This list is intended as a resource only. There may be additional requirements not included. Information listed may change without notice. School leaders are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the associated regulations.

Governance Structure R277-551-5

  • The school’s charter
  • Information about the governance structure at the school
  • Charter school governing board policies
  • Name, qualification and contact
    information of all charter school
    governing board members
  • The location of governing board minutes and meeting recordings and a statement of how to access the minutes and recordings no longer accessible electronically 52-4-1
  • The rules of order and procedures to govern a public meeting of the charter school governing board 53G-5-413(2)(a)(ii)

Administration Procedures R277-472-6 & R277-551-5

  • Lottery dates and procedures
  • Timelines for acceptance of new students consist with 53G-6-503
  • Admissions forms
  • The number of new students that will be admitted into the school by grade
  • Procedures for transferring to or from a charter or district school
  • Non-discrimination assurances
  • Student transfer form
  • Assurance and parent signature that the student has been admitted to only one public school

Public Financial Information

  • Financial policies (cash handling policy, expenditure policy, fundraising policy, an LEA donation and gift policy, financial reporting policy, travel, payroll) R277-113-4
  • School fee policy, fee schedule, and fee waiver policy R277-407
  • Copy of the budget report each month 53G-7-309

Civic Information

  • Information about the flag, respect for the flag, and civility toward all during patriotic activities R277-475-7

Other Charter School Policies

  • Electronic Devices R277-495-3
  • Educational Employee Required Reports of Arrests and Required Background checks policies for non-licensed employees R277-516-5
  • Employee Code of Conduct R277-322-3
  • Bullying and Hazing Policy R277-613-4
  • Head Injury Policy R277-614-4

School Calendar R277-551-5

  • The first and last days of school
  • Scheduled holidays
  • Scheduled professional and development days
  • Scheduled non-school days

Additional Programs Available to Students

  • A link to the Carson Smith Scholarship webpage
  • Provide information about Statewide Online Education Program R277-726-5

Additional Items

  • Other items required by the charter school’s authorizer, statute, and Board rule R277-482-4