Pub 10 2020-2021 Issue1


Executive Director: Welcome Message

Thanks for your hard work educating Utah’s children throughout the COVID pandemic. We love your resilience in all the adaptations that have been necessary.

As you’ve heard, the Legislature rewarded those efforts. Not only did they provide a substantial bonus for public education employees, but they also funded significant increases in public education. Moreover, they are determined to cut through much of the accumulated red tape so that you can do what you do best — educate Utah’s children. Sen. Fillmore and Rep. Pulsipher have articles in this issue of “Charterology” that go into more detail.

We are also thrilled to welcome Utah State University’s “Center for School of the Future” to the charter school fold. They bring a new perspective and new resources, and I am looking forward to how they will help us improve. We love the State Charter School Board and continue to work closely with them. They will undoubtedly remain Utah’s largest charter school authorizer. Having both of these committed charter school authorizers will improve our charter schools. We couldn’t be happier.

Finally, we hope you “Find Your Place” at this year’s conference June 8-9, 2021, at the Davis Conference Center. Our IN PERSON (Yay!) conference will be two days full of excellent sessions and features Scott Poland, suicide prevention expert, as our keynote speaker. Our awards dinner on June eighth will feature “Show Offs,” an improv group.

We look forward to seeing you!